Oyster Pond Associates, LLC
Total Rewards and Performance Consulting for Dynamic Organizations
Working with Oyster Pond Associates, clients find our team brings unique perspectives, experiences and talents to assist them in designing and implementing a full range of reward, competency and performance management solutions.

Our clients come from a variety of industries, but the greatest number are involved in some aspect of life sciences.  Among our consultants' present and past clients are:


Alnylam Pharmaceuticals           

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals

                       Codiak Biosciences

                       CRISPR Therapeutics

 Cubist Pharmaceuticals 

  H3 BioMedicine   

                       Ovid Therapeutics

Surface Oncology


Representative Engagements

Engaged by the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors to provide a market review of total compensation (base salary, cash incentive, equity, perquisites) for the executive team.  Engagement included the development and administration of a custom salary survey targeting differences in compensation between founders and non-founders.

Completed competitive market review of all non-executive jobs including a redefining competitive market/peer groups, establishment of a new banded structure, and administration of the company-wide focal review.  This engagement was renewed for a second year when the market analysis was expanded to include market trends by job family.

Developed company-wide, market competitive, short-term incentive program including all employee communication.

Engaged to design a short-term incentive program to be delivered as a mixture of cash and equity.  The engagement was expanded at the request of the Compensation Committee to include the development of a total compensation strategy and market-competitive base salary structure.

Developed and administered a custom survey targeting all major biopharmaceutical companies to determine competitive pay practices, for example:  paid time off, on-call and call-in pay, and compensation for workers remaining on-site during an emergency closing.  Made recommendations made for changes to current practices that were not only market competitive, but also easily implemented in the company payroll system.

Redesigned annual and new hire equity program to control usage and tie delivery of annual grants to individual and company performance against goals. 

Completed competitive review of Board of Directors' compensation and made recommendations for changes to program design and cash and equity delivery.

Reviewed cash and employee benefits programs for total organization.  The Board of Trustees particularly wanted a review of executive compensation practices to ensure compliance with Intermediate Sanctions regulations.